Want To Take Your Krav Maga Training To The Next Level, Push Yourself & Gain Confidence?

New Castle, PA at KDF Academy

Krav Maga Seminar

Five days of training techniques against hand-to-hand aggression and techniques against aggression with weapons. The official system of fighting and defense personally used by the Israeli Security and Defense Forces is Krav Maga, which in Hebrew means "contact combat" and which is widely known to provide an effective tool in situations of survival. Street fighting and awareness for a wide variety of attack situations.


Whom Is this for?

Due to the intensity of techniques, fitness and endurance this series of events are open to three types of individuals. We have 1 day for instructors only, 4 days for all and 1 day for armed forces only. The schedule is below.

  1. A student of Krav Maga, Kickboxing or Martial Arts at the yellow belt level. * (We will have workshops available leading up to to the seminar to prepare you in techniques, fitness and endurance)

  2. Instructors or instructors in training. You must have a certificate or be approved by master instructor

  3. Armed forces to include police, military, security, probation officers etc.




Seminar Schedule

Each day will have an AM & PM session and is included in the seminar investment. A light lunch with beverages will be provided. You may bring whatever is needed for dietary restrictions. There is a small fridge, microwave and oven on site. 10 hour days of training and we do recommend you bring anything additional you may need to keep yourself healthy.

Morning Session - from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm / Afternoon Session - from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Day 1: Thursday, August 29th Krav/Kapap Instructors only Including those that want to be an instructor

Day 2: Friday, August 30th Krav/Kapap Seminar

Day 3: Saturday, August 31th Krav/Kapap Seminar

Day 4: Sunday, September 1st Krav/Kapap Seminar

Day 5: Monday, September 2nd Testing/Certification Day

Day 6: Tuesday, September 3rd Armed Forces Only


It is recommended that you have grappling gloves, shin insteps, shoes NEVER WORN OUTSIDE and mouth guards. We do have a package you will be able to add those items if you do not have them. Included within registration you will have a carry bag, intro packet and tee. At the end of march we will release the ability for pay in full and payments for the seminar and will include the bag upgrade at that time.


  • Students will receive belt rank in Krav Maga and depending on current level in kickboxing, martial arts or krav. Will also have the ability to gain a certificate to train for Kapap.

  • Black belt/certificate for those that are currently black belts in kickboxing or martial arts and have taken a level 3 kapap seminar before

  • Instructor Certification to teach and promote their students in Krav Maga depending on what level they are. If you come to the Instructor day you will be one of the ones to lead a group throughout the seminar.


Once we have a a consensus of those out of town and needing reservations made we will send out all information and group rates in order to book rooms. We welcome all as long as they meet the qualifications.




Armed Forces Training Tuesday, September 3rd

You will learn a complete defense, intervention and combat body-to-body system, with a practice-oriented concept and various training methods, for a wide variety of attack situations.

Your training will have a strong focus on the defense carrying weapons as a professional that you are; for this, you will study the technical management of them with training weapons, in defense against all types of armed and unarmed attacks; by one or several opponents.



Your Leaders

Instructors David & Tanya are passionate about equipping and empowering their city. With human trafficking, domestic violence and so much more plaguing their streets they believe it’s imperative all learn to defend themselves and gain some peace of mind. It’s with great excitement that they bring Instructor D. Florián Rodrigo and Instructor D. Pablo Pérez from Spain to share their experience. Spaces are limited to reserve your spot now.



David & Tanya

Your Hosts& Owners of Krav Defense & Fitness

Your hosts and owners of Krav Defense & Fitness bring from Spain With over 15 years in business Instructors David & Tanya have always had a heart to equip people mentally and physically. Connecting with great leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals they are able to bring life changing exclusive experiences to their community.



Pablo Varela

The list of accomplishments are long. A military career with 22 years of experience in elite units of the Spanish Army and more than 15 years as a trainer for professionals. We are honored to have Instructor train at the seminar.



Florián Rodrigo

With 20 years of experience as Martial Arts Trainer Instructor Florián has been ranked top national coach on Krav Maga Kapa (FEL), Judo, and Jiu Jitsu. With a love and passion training others he uses is personal experience coupled with over 10 years of personal coaching and mentoring to provide amazing intensive workshops around the world.